Posted by: unclesamshistory | August 20, 2011

Mr. Muzzleloader

Mr. Muzzleloader, that’s what I call Dave Ehrig. Not only does he shoot black powder but he builds replicas of the guns that opened up the frontier. That’s not all, Dave is an accomplished writer, his book Muzzleloading for Deer and Turkey is a
must for black powder hunters. I’m sure Dave is as excited about the coming fall as I am. You see him pictured here in authentic frontier 1700s dress. These hardy frontiersmen had little money to buy clothes,  but there  was very little goods to buy when they did have it. So, buckskin became the material of choice hats were skins of animals, coon was a favorite, moccasins and leggings from stouter buckskin for protection from the rough terrain they  traveled. The heavy homespun material used to make a shirt was a rare treat and they were guarded as prize possessions. It was a hard life but a life they loved.

What a wonderful time of year. The hills will start changing, showing splotches of color, reds, yellows, browns and everything in between. Geese can be seen beginning their migration south, can snow be far behind? It’s time to get out and scout your hunting area, what a great excuse
to get outdoors.

Fall was a time for the frontiersmen to begin storing the fruits of the garden in the spring houses; also a time to gather meat for the coming winter. Read how two families solved this problem in Frontier at Three Rivers. Available from Amazon,
or or your favorite book seller.


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