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We are all familiar with the savagery by the Indians in their war to regain the territory lost to white settlers. The barbarity of
white settlers against the Indians is not as well documented. Each side had their reasons for the brutality; it was a different time, a different culture.

In 1764 Indian raids were not confined to the frontier; as far east as Lancaster, Pennsylvania families had been slaughtered.
In this area the Moravian monks had created an village of  Indians converted to Christianity. Not a large community, approximately twenty was the whole contingent. They were Indians and tempers ran hot, a dead Indian was the only good Indian.

A group, known as the Paxton Boys set out to eliminate this cancer they perceived giving help to the attacking hostile
bands. On December 15, 1764 the settlement of the Christian Indians was attacked. Fortunately only three people were found, then murdered. The Lancaster government moved the remaining sixteen Indians to the Poor House in Lancaster for safety. On December 27 fifty Paxton Boys stormed the house and succeeded in killing all sixteen inhabitants.

No charges or arrests were ever made. Were these men justified in their actions? How many of you can remember the race riots in the last century?

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