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Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Ligonier, Pennsylvania

The Ligonier Valley is well known throughout Western Pennsylvania. Tucked in at the foot of the western side of the Alleghany Mountains the charming town of Ligonier is home to beautiful horse ranches, a golf course that Arnold Palmer learned to play on, and more millionaires per square mile than any other area I can think of. But the charm of the town with its town square and interesting shops and restaurants is undiminished by all the surrounding nobility.

One of my favorite shops is the Second Chapter Book store. Laurier McGinnis is the owner and is most helpful in finding books you may be looking for. But that’s not what I want to talk about here.

Can you imagine how thrilled Bouquet was when as they came down the last mountain side into this lush valley. It was September, 1758 and General Forbes had mounted an expedition to take the French fort at Three Rivers. Years before General Braddock had suffered a crushing defeat when he tried to wrestle this same Fort Duquesne from the French.

Bouquet led an advance force across the mountains and began construction of Fort Ligonier which would serve as their winter quarters. Naturally the French took a dim view of this and had their Indian allies attack the British in raiding parties. You may remember Major Grant was sent to reconnoiter the French stronghold but instead tried to attack it and was not only defeated but captured.

The French then sent their whole garrison plus approximately two hundred Delaware braves to drive the British from French land. Fort Ligonier had cannon and mortars which rained shell and shrapnel on the attackers. Finally the Indians had enough and melted into the forest. The French returned to Fort Duquesne and eventually destroyed it retreating north.

If you are traveling through Ligonier on US Route 30 get off at the fort and visit the town, a well worth side trip.

A more detailed description of the battle of Fort Ligonier may be found in Frontier At Three Rivers available from or for a signed copy or Amazon



  1. Good post. Do you know if they are still excavating at the Forbes Road site near Greensburg Pa.? Maybe you could do a post about that sometime?

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