Posted by: unclesamshistory | March 24, 2012


Spring is here and with it comes spring turkey season. Gobblers only as they are considered excess baggage by wildlife biologists. I kind of take offence to that but other male species are treated the same way. But I digress, the anti hunting population decries killing any specie. We hunt for sport but also for food, and with the way prices are going it may be a necessity not a sport.

In the frontier days of my books hunting was not only a way of life, but the only way meat could be put on the table. Did you know there are more deer and turkeys in Pennsylvania than in the 1700s. I would guess that holds true for all the other states as well. It is true the deer herd and turkey population took a terrific nose dive when market hunting was permitted. And who took the forefront and fought to end this practice and develop good habitat for all wildlife. It wasn’t PEDA, no it was the hunting population. But, again I digress.

Think back when game was hard to find. These people depended on that game to survive. I doubt if many of us would starve if we didn’t fill our game tags, but that wasn’t the case back then. So, we enjoy the hunt and even more so when we do it with weapons carved out of the past.

Frontier at Three Rivers has more on the 1700s as does Frontier Preacher. Both available as paperback, e books or as audio. Check for more information.

Picture courtesy of Jack Paluh from his Eastern Indian Collection


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