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Fort Lafayette – AKA Fort Fayette

Fort Lafayette – AKA Fort Fayette


Fort Pitt had been closed by the British as they felt there was no need for it as the Crown had decreed no expansion into the western Indian Territory would be permitted. Words on paper that the frontier paid little attention to, including the Governor of Virginia and the politicians in the East.  

Indian raids on frontier settlements continued after the Revolutionary War and two separate campaigns, in 1790 and 1791, failed. This defeat was demoralizing to the settlers but heightened the blood lust of the raiding Native Americans. To add some protection to the western outpost at Pittsburgh a fort was constructed in1792. Officially named Fort Lafayette but more commonly called Fort Fayette. I have not been able to uncover the reason for the name confusion but I would guess it was political wrangling.

The Lewis and Clark expedition to open the West actually started in Pittsburgh. More accurately from Fort Fayette where supplies for the journey were amassed in1803.  During the War of 1812 the fort was used as a supply depot for Commodore Perry in his campaign on Lake Erie. Hardly mentioned in history books this important fort gained little notoriety and was closed in1814.

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