Posted by: unclesamshistory | July 14, 2013

The Wars are NOT Over

In the late 1700s the Revolutionary War was over, and as far as the new government was concerned so were the Indian wars. However, Western Pennsylvania was still plagued with renegade bands of both Native Americans and white men that had gone Indian. These were the most feared. Painted and dressed like their native brothers the white maunders were merciless in the atrocities they committed.

One such band attacked the Corbly Family on their way to church. Here is a short clip from my book Frontier Preacher on that fateful day. “As Reverend Corbly came out of the cabin he heard his wife’s screams followed by terrified shrieks from the children. Running up the path he picked up a stick, the only weapon he could find – only to be confronted with a scene that terrified him to the point of revulsion. A painted savage was holding baby Nancy by the feet and swinging her towards the closest tree.”   Cover Frontier Preacher

It was later learned there was at least one white man in this raiding party. Frontier Preacher is available from Amazon, or . If you enjoy historical fiction you may want to read Frontier at Three Rivers.   

Cover Frontier at Three Rive


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