Posted by: unclesamshistory | July 29, 2013

William Penn

What do you know about this fantastic man? Well, we don’t read much about him in our history books. He became a Quaker. much to his father’s disapproval. Penn served time in the Tower of London for his beliefs.

In his book “The Seed of a Nation” Darrell Fields gives a more complete insight to this amazing man. He received his inheritance from his father, an admiral in the British Navy, and an extensive land owner. Plus the Admiral had lent 16,000 pounds sterling to the crown to cover war expenses with the Dutch. When young Penn petitioned King Charles II for a grant in the New World, the King saw an opportunity to dissolve the huge debt and get rid of this Quaker, who he considered a troublemaker. At the young age of thirty six Penn was granted 28,000,000 acres in the New World with the stipulation it be named Pennsylvania. Penn wanted to name it Sylvania or some name other than using Penn, but the King insisted.  Seed of a Nation

Penn called the founding of this new colony “The Holy Experiment.” He drafted it to follow Quaker teachings, envisioning Pennsylvania would be the model for Christian colonies throughout the New World.

For anyone interested in the history of America I recommend “The Seed of a Nation” as an interesting and informative read.

For additional books on history of Pennsylvania you may like “Frontier Preacher” or the historical fiction story of early Western Pennsylvania,  “Frontier at Three Rivers,” both available from web site, Amazon or


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